Persian Rugs


I love a great big Persian rug. They look amazing, feel great underfoot, plus they hide spots and general schmutz like champs. 

This big old Persian rug was a perfect choice for our growing family with kids and pets.  When we purchased the rug it was already old, sun faded on one corner, had a well-done repair in the field, and replacement fringe.  Nevermind, we reasoned--we could afford the price, it was big enough to make our living room look and feel welcoming, and we wouldn't have to worry about the inevitable mishaps. We would plan to buy a new rug when the kids were older.

The kids did grow up and move out, but we have no plans to replace our rug.  In spite of daily use in a bustling household, it shows no additional sign of wear and it still looks and feels great in our living room.  We didn't think we were making an "investment" when we bought our rug, just making a practical choice to cover a bare hardwood floor. In the time we've owned this rug we have replaced two sofas, all the chairs, most of the lamps, and several side tables. The rug, on the other hand, still grounds the room and looks fantastic.

The market for rugs like ours has grown quite soft. When I review current and completed auctions I am stunned by how often lovely old rugs go unsold or trade for modest sums.  It's a great time to buy one of these beauties.  I wish I had more floors to cover.  Maybe I'll pull up the carpet in our bedroom.  Now there's an idea!