A Dog in the Workplace

When I made the decision to take office space downtown, the first requirement was a dog friendly location. It's a fact (proven by me), that a dog under one's desk is the best way to keep blood pressure down and spirits up!

Our family dog, Patsy (my Boston Terrier buddy), joined me at the office nearly every day. She was a sweet little old lady dog, but at the age of 13 her health finally failed and we had to say goodbye to our little pal. The disadvantage of having her with me most of the time is that it means I miss her both at work and at home. 

We were on a list for 18 months before we got our Patsy, so we put ourselves on a couple of reputable breeders' lists and resigned ourselves to the probability of a long wait. What a pleasant surprise when we got a call about an available pup.

Meet Lucy. Our new work/home pal. She's got all the familiar Boston Terrier traits that we love, but with a personality all her own.  She's a very happy addition to our lives at home and at work. 

If it's an option for you, I highly recommend a dog in your workplace!