Caring for Silver

Do you leave your sterling silver in the drawer because you don’t want to spend time polishing it?  The best way to keep tarnish from forming is to use and wash your silver items often.  So get out your silver flatware and dine in style!  And for those pieces you want to display but won’t be using regularly, do your best to avoid placing them in an area where they will receive direct sunlight.  Better still, store your silver items in specially designed bags made from sulfur-free fabric impregnated with tarnish-retardant.  (For a link to a source for both bags and fabric by the yard, click here.)  You may be surprised at how long silver can “hold” a polish when stored correctly.  When you do polish, avoid “silver dip,” as it damages silver.  And since silver polish actually wears away silver, use it sparingly on Sheffield plate and electroplated items.  Finally, never store silver in plastic bags, which trap moisture and cause tarnish and corrosion.