A New Community Event Sponsored by Chico Artoberfest!!

Find the artifacts. Locate the perpetrators.

Running throughout the month of October with a special parents week Oct 8- Oct 15

 Your mission is to find the missing items, discover the where abouts of Francis Pickney and the identity of his accomplice. Good luck! Visit www.TheWritingLoft.com for the codex containing the clues! 

Here are the facts:

Francis Pickney, an anthropology professor, and an unknown accomplice have walked off with ten artifacts from a traveling museum exhibition. No one discovered the theft until the exhibit was placed aboard the U.S.S. Aron Tiforp on its way to Hawaii. Before documentation could be sent to the Chico authorities, the boat sank in the Pacific Ocean. The authorities conducted a thorough search of Pickney's home, but the only evidence of the missing items was an empty crate and a codex the police is sure tells the location of each of the items. The only clue detectives could decipher reveals the objects are hidden in plain sight spread among the displays in a number of Chico's museums.

Here’s How it Works:  

To identify the ten missing artifacts, head to the ten museums where the authorities believe Francis Pickney and his accomplice have hidden their stolen goods.  At each museum there will be a note that has a puzzle you need to solve to find the hidden artifact at that museum.  The notes at each museum will also contain two clues—one clue will help lead you to the whereabouts of a one Mr. F. Pickney and the other clue will help lead you to the identity of his dastardly accomplice. You’ll need to collect all ten clues to solve the mystery. Once you have identified the ten missing artifacts, know exactly where Francis Pickney is hiding and know the identity of his accomplice, alert the authorities right away!  Email your findings to artoberfestmystery@thewritingloft.com to receive your reward.

1. Visit the following Museums:

      Chico Museum

Bidwell Mansion, Chico

Chico Creek Nature Center, Chico

Colman-Centerville Museum, Chico

Ehmann Home, Oroville

 Gateway Science Museum, CSU, Chico

Gold Nugget Museum, Paradise

Janet Turner Print Museum, CSU, Chico

Patrick Ranch, Durham

Stansbury House, Chico

Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology, CSU, Chico

2. Pick up the note at each museum.

3. Solve the puzzle: Which artifact is the stolen artifact?

4. Collect the clues listed on each note to learn the location of Mr. Pickney's hideout.

5. Collect the clues listed on each note to determine the identity of his accomplice.

6. Once you have found each of the missing artifats, solved the whereabouts of Francis Pickney and discovered the identity of his accomplice, email your findings to artoberfest@thewritingloft.com .

7. Collect your reward!