Thanksgiving Quiz 2012

Here it comes again, my favorite holiday and the annual Thanksgiving Quiz.  In this presidential election year (and aren’t we all relieved to have that over with), I have chosen trivia questions using American Presidents as a theme.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Under which president was an official holiday of “sincere and humble thanks” declared?
  2. Name the president who made the traditional Thanksgiving celebration a national holiday.
  3. Who was the first president to pardon a turkey at the White House?
  4. With which president did the annual pardon of a turkey become a tradition?
  5. Since 2006, where have the pardoned turkeys been sent to live out their lives?

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1)George Washington, the date was 11/26/1789

2)Abraham Lincoln, 1863

3)Abraham Lincoln, reportedly to please his young son Tad.

4)Presidential turkey pardons have been a regular tradition since 1963 under John F. Kennedy.

5)Turkeys pardoned by the president go to Disney World (or land), where each has been the grand marshal in the Disney Thanksgiving parade.