Thanksgiving Trivia Fun

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a bunch of reasons.  I love planning a menu with absolutely no thought about calories or fat content--butter is, after all, the main ingredient of all holiday-worthy cooking. I even enjoy the big grocery shopping trip, which usually involves at least three separate stops to gather diverse ingredients.  Then after a happy string of days in the kitchen, there’s the joy of friends and family gathering around a dining table which practically groans under the weight of Thanksgiving bounty.  Laughter along with the aroma of turkey pervades the house and seems to hang in the air for several days after our feast.  Yep, Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday.

But with all the preparations it is easy to forget about the founders of our annual feast.  So this year I’ve decided to work on a Thanksgiving trivia quiz for a little extra fun between dinner and pie.  Here ‘tis.

  1. The Puritans had already left England and settled in another Old World country prior to their departure for the New World.  From what country did they depart?
  2. The pilgrims set sail in two ships, but one was so leaky that they stopped in Plymouth, England to transfer the entire group to the more seaworthy Mayflower.  What was the name of the leaky second ship?
  3. What year did they depart?
  4. How long did it take to sail to the New World?
  5. What did the pilgrims bring with them on the Mayflower that saved the voyage and possibly the lives of all aboard?
  6. Storms at sea blew the Mayflower off course.  Where did the Puritans originally plan to settle?
  7. What percentage of the Mayflower pilgrims died in the first year?
  8. Why were the pilgrims able to communicate with the Indians?
  9. What is the name of the American Indian tribe and their king with whom the Puritans shared the First Thanksgiving?
  10. What year was the First Thanksgiving?
  11. What did the Indians contribute to the feast?
  12. How many days did the feast last?

Thanksgiving Trivia Answers.pages

Best Wishes for a Very Happy Thanksgiving!