Summer Weather Woes

It’s been very hot in Chico this week, and I’ve been complaining about the heat a lot.  One of the ways I comfort myself during this time of year, though, is to remember that it could be worse.  I could have lived in a time when there was no air conditioning, and women’s fashion dictated yards and yards of fabric even in every day attire.  The 1833 fashion plate above is just such a reminder--I can’t imagine the misery.

I stopped in at a local bakery for coffee (iced) this morning and found it kind of comical to overhear people say things like, “Oh, it’s supposed to be really nice today...only 99º.”  But I guess that once it has reached 105º (or more), Chicoans are delighted by the gift of such “balmy” weather.  Hey, maybe that’s why the State Highway that runs through our town is “99”!

Stay cool!