She's Looking at Me!

Here’s an entry that has nothing whatever to do with antiques, decorative arts or events of interest.  Rather it is about the inspiration for the DiGiovanni & Co. logo and the title of this blog.  That is, the squirrels outside my window who often entertain me, sometimes startle me, and occasionally vex and annoy me. 

A wet winter has brought an especially beautiful springtime to Chico.  Sunnier days and pleasant weather have naturally turned my thoughts toward erasing winter’s effects on the house and yard.  The cheerful and sometimes cheeky band of squirrels that use our trees and roof as a squirrelly highway seem to have much the same inclination.  But why, oh why does one squirrel seem determined to chew through the small branches of the big maple tree in our front yard?  The front lawn and walk are constantly littered with branches as big around as my thumb, and I’ve been picking up armloads of them for weeks.  The other day I began to notice that some of the branches were not from the maple tree at all.  Hmmm.

Peering at the tree from ground level revealed a clump of something about 40 feet up.  Old leaves?  Some form of disease?  A closer view would be required to ascertain.  Perhaps the zoom on my nifty camera would reveal the cause.  (After all, I often find the ability to enlarge photographs helpful in reading marks on porcelain, or considering the finish on antique furniture.)  A quick snap, then upload the image to my computer, enlarge, enlarge, enlarge...aha...somebody is looking back!  It seems one industrious little squirrel has been building her nest in the old maple.  I hope she’s nearly done felling lumber for her construction project, and that she will enjoy raising her family here as much as I have.  

Mystery solved.