Sacramento Antiques Faire

Finally!  I made it to the Sacramento Antiques Faire which is held the second Sunday of every month “under the freeway.”  Sacramento is only 90 miles or so from Chico, but finding a free second Sunday that was neither rainy nor blisteringly hot proved more difficult than it should have.  

Tom & I left Chico early with giant cups of steaming coffee and delicious orange cranberry muffins from our local bakery.  It was a bright sparkly Winter morning, and the valley looked beautiful showing hints that Spring will soon be upon us.  

Once we’d arrived at the antiques fair, we took our time wandering through the vendors’ displays.  In chatting with a few dealers I discovered that many sell at Alameda Point Antiques Faire as well. Hmmm.  Good to know.

We found a little bit of everything as we slowly made our way from back to front.  One dealer had an impressive quantity of antique door and cabinet hardware, another offered wooden typeset used to create various decorative items, and vintage linens, clothing, and kitchen items were plentiful.  

We had a nice time, I bought a hardbound volume of The Studio:  An Illustrated Magazine of Fine And Applied Art (which I read most of the way home), and we were both a little surprised to find ourselves back in Chico in time for lunch.  We enjoyed our outing and still had time to get all the weekend chores accomplished.  Note to self:  let’s do that more often!