For Gep Durenberger, Antiquarian

My best-ever boss has passed away.   

I haven’t seen Gep since the 1990s, but we stayed in touch for nearly 30 years.  I with newsy notes about my growing family and professional aspirations; he with letters and postcards in big friendly brown-ink handwriting offering words of praise, encouragement, and tidbits of his own news. A note or letter to Gep was always rewarded with a response. I’ve saved them all.

Downsizing Help

I receive a fair number of calls from people who are moving to smaller quarters. Of course, these moves often require letting go of some belongings in order to comfortably fit into a smaller home. Even treasured items may not make the "keep" list, so how does one decide how to distribute or dispose of the rest? That's where a qualified personal property appraiser can help.

Continued Decline of Antique Furniture Market

There has been a steady decline in the antique furniture market for a decade or more. Hopes that post-recession improvement in the overall economy would be reflected in the antiques & decorative arts market have gone unanswered. Through most of this downturn, the pieces at the top of the market had retained their value, but now even the "best of the best" are showing signs of decline.